Sanitizing And Disinfecting

Secure the health of your family, employees, and community with sanitizing and disinfecting services that efficiently treat your property's surface areas. Blue Flamingo SoftWash uses a cutting-edge sanitation product that blends sodium hypochlorite - a sanitizing item recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) - along with unique surfactants and water to produce a powerful, yet environmentally friendly formula. What you're left with is a deeply sterilized, as well as disinfected, surface area that's devoid of viruses, germs, and bacteria.


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Our Capabilities

Not only is our one-of-a-kind sanitation formula and process better for the environment as well as leave surface areas clean four to six times longer than conventional power washing, but our equipment is exceptionally silent too. We can use our equipment late at night or in the early morning without disturbing your neighbors.

Similarly, we concentrate on mass sanitation projects with a vehicle capable of dealing with as much as 50,000 sq. ft. in a single day.

We also clean and disinfect a range of outside surfaces like building roofs and sides, patio areas, gathering locations, benches, playgrounds, pools, spa decks, entrances, handrails, and so on. Additionally, we can handle indoor surface areas such as interior restrooms, storage locker rooms, gyms, and many more. Seeking a single cleaning, seasonal cleansing, or on-going maintenance solutions? Blue Flamingo SoftWash is pleased to accommodate your needs.

Who We Are

Blue Flamingo SoftWash is an Authorized Professional Company with SoftWash Systems, the globe's biggest exterior soft washing and sanitation network with over 220 companies worldwide. Our technicians have actually accomplished a particular accreditation for sanitizing surface areas so you can rest assured that your property's surfaces have been disinfected making use of CDC and WHO guidelines. Once the cleaning process has completed, your service technician will leave behind time-dated signs and/or decals advising that the area has been appropriately sterilized.

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